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I first got into costuming years ago with an interest in period garb. It has only been in the past few years that I've actually taken to, and been able to afford, cosplaying on a regular basis.
Other than that, I have two children cats: Kitty Babe and Custard, who are both spoiled brats- but I love them to death anyway. I love chocolate, herbals teas, and fruit. I do not love phone calls or small talk, but I'll talk your ear off when you hit on something I care about.
And if you're in Arizona, we should do photos some time!
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Arwen Undomiel, Lord of the Rings

Foreground photography by tarasque-productions.
Background and editing by me

Haven’t photoshopped anything in a long while, I’m out of practice.


King Celeborn from Loth Lorien with his grandchildren, the twins Elrohir and Elladan and Arwen. He’s trying to read legends of their people but the mischievous twins prefer to make another funny things.

One of the cutest dang LotR fanarts I’ve ever seen. If you don’t think so you can get out.


Arwen Undomiel, Lord of the Rings
Photo by @tarasqueproductions

Reblogging so I can brag say that Arwen won first place in the beginners category at CMX!

Arwen Undomiel, Lord of the Rings
Photo by @tarasqueproductions



Con prep from this morning. Because the do rag look is so classically elvish. #conprep #cosplayprep #cmx2014 #cosplay #Arwen #lotr

Where my pointy eared peeps at?

Gonna catch all y’all off your guard.

Look what I found at CMX!
#cmx2014 #Arwen #arwenundomiel #arwenevenstar #cosplay #lotr

@christophervenom suggested I cosplay Trinity so I figured I’d do a test last night.
#matrix #trinity #cosplay #cosplaytest

Con prep from this morning. Because the do rag look is so classically elvish. #conprep #cosplayprep #cmx2014 #cosplay #Arwen #lotr

My computer has turned Asimov-ian on me, and in an effort to save me from myself (or at least my time) has decided to keep tumblr from working properly. My dash will not infinitely scroll and only display 11 posts. I am unable to like, reblog or submit posts myself. I can browse blogs, but that’s all I can do.
Unfortunately for my computer, my laptop and phone have, thus far, refused to join its initiative. It may think it has won the battle, but I will win the war.


If they ever decide to make a Loki-film, I hope it will be something like Maleficent, telling his story and seeing things from Loki’s point of view <3

p.s. Marvel I swear if you really, actually, for real kill him off in the third Thor movie like the rumors are saying I will never watch another marvel movie again.

So Comic Media Expo is this weekend!
I’m working today, but I’ll be there tomorrow-hopefully as Loki.
(I say hopefully, since I’ll be trying to get dressed by myself which had thus far proved impossible with that costume.)
Anyone else going? Wanna meet up?

Bought a new 3/4 wig today that actually matches my natural hair.
You see, Sherlock-type hair becomes Hermione-type hair when it grows long, and that’s “way to much bother to [deal with] every day”.
I’ll probably use it for Maria Hill too.


Person: You should try dressing normal for once


(via saltlakecomiccon)

  • Me: I'm going to take a quick catnap. Half an hour is all I need.
  • Me, 4 hours later: Dang it.


Wise words from one of our favorite geeks, Joss Whedon. What makes YOU weird?

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